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For Saving Children Saving Lives Movement, we are offering  different types sponsorship opportunities, which allow you to pick what will fit best with your company’s marketing strategy. Once you decide on a sponsorship package, we will work to ensure that you receive true value from your investment. We will work to identify the objectives of your sponsorship and will provide you with fulfillment reports to give you a detailed analysis of how we achieve the goal of you receiving your benefits.

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Volunteers/Mentees will be selected for this workshop in view of their practical experience each in his/her skill. Although several meetings will need to be held with them in preparation for the presentations, more time should be given to assist the resource people in the use of more participatory training techniques. More efforts should be made to identify additional youth.

Follow-up of participants after their training is required and this can take several forms: electronic newsletter and/or annual meetings to allow participants.



Your donation is appreciated and a unique opportunity for small business owners and entrepreneurs to contribute to a much needed cause. Please give what you can!